Repair & Service – Service Contracts:

Standard Repair and Service:

Our general service area encompasses all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

We respond to all service calls within 24 hours and emergency calls within a few hours.

Our technicians are trained and experienced on all of the major brands of printers and copiers.

Our service rates vary depending on the type and the capacity size of the printer and the customer’s location from our facility. Travel time is including in our rates except for calls outside a 25 mile radius from our facility. Your satisfaction is 100% garrunteed.

LaserGuard Maintenance Service:

This our our annual 14 step preventative maintenance service that encompasses a thorough overhall and cleaning of your laser printer(s). This service is strongly recommended for high capacity laser printers. As with any type of machinery if your printers and copiers are not maintained at least annually, you run the risk of higher repair costs in the the long run. This service is included at the start of all service contracts.

Service Contracts:

We offer three types of annual service contracts:

  • LaserGuard Elite: covers both labor and parts.
  • LaserGuard Plus: covers labor only (LaserGuard Service is included on all printers prior to the start of all contracts)
  • Maintenance and Supply Contract: Receive free labor when you purchase your toner supplies from NETS.

Multiple Equipment Discounts:

For all services and contracts, we offer multiple equipment discounts. Save on your maintenance and contract costs by scheduling multiple devices to be serviced or contracted at the same time.

If at any time we think that your printer is not worth repairing we will inform you as such and recommend a new or refurbished replacement.